English for Specific purposes

English and Netherlands (Dutch) for specific and academic purposes (ESP, EAP)

Philosophy, Methodology, Flexibility

A good teaching philosophy is much more important than any methodology.

Some methodologies presented as being the best or most modern, often end up being mere recipes or even straitjackets. They often tie teacher and learner down more than they aid the learning process.

Good teaching is based on the philosophy of always trying to find out what a certain learner wants and needs to learn. using elements from all known different methodologies or approaches and , whenever necessary, developing new techniques and material in order to adapt the teaching to the learner. Following these principles, Ton van Hattum is able to help help his pupils in efficiently learning to communicate adequately in English and Netherlands.


  • Ton van Hattum
  • MSc in Neurobology and Human Ethology (Universiteit van Amsterdam).
  • Vast experience teaching English and Netherlands (Dutch) for specific and academic purposes (ESP, EAP), Immersion.
  • Specialized in language training for human sciences, biology, business, management and information technology (IT).
  • Able to find the best way to solve the problems of each student.
  • Ton van Hattum

    First Published: 2006-6-10
    Last update: 2012-8-10

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