Loose Ideas

Curiosity killed the cat but it made the scientist.

Empirismo é a institucionalização da teimosia.


Empirisme is de institutionalisering van eigenwijsheid.


Empiricism is the institutionalisation of 'eigenwijsheid' (strong-mindedness).

'Eigenwijs(heid)' is a term difficult to translate into English. Close translations like 'stubborn(ness)' or 'strong-minded(ness)', don't seem to refer to the same concept or are not as easily understood as 'eigenwijs' in Dutch. It consists of the compounds 'eigen' (self) and 'wijs' (wise).


O termo um termo politicamente correcto é um eufemismo para um eufemismo.


De term een politiek correcte term is a eufemisme voor een eufemisme.


The term a politically correct term is a euphemism for a euphemism.

- "Didn't you bring a raincoat or umbrella?"
- "No."
- "So, what are you going to do if it starts to rain?"
- "I'll have a shower."
One of the good things of a 'to-do list' is that it can function as a 'postpone list'. It helps to take time to evaluate what is important instead of acting impulsive.

Ton van Hattum

First published: 4/5/09
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