Van Hattum, Antonius Cornelius Franciscus Maria (Ton)
Born: 22 February 1959, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Residing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

1982 - 1989MS Biology: UvA, Amsterdam, NL; validated by UFMG, (8/4/1998)
First master's Theses, Human Ethology: Explorative Observation of Child Behaviour. RUU, Utrecht, NL; UvA, Amsterdam, NL
Second master's Theses, Neurobiology: Scopolamine and methylscopolamine differentially affect fixed-consecutive-number performance of male and female Wistar rats. NIH, Amsterdam, NL; UvA, Amsterdam, NL

2017 - present Teacher of English at Fundação CEFETMINAS (FCM), Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
1993 - present Private Teacher of English and Dutch (English for specific purposes, preperation for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge exams, conversation, text interpretation and writing skils for science, business and management)
1995 - present Translation of Portuguese, English and Dutch, including scientific texts and psychological instruments
2011 Lecturer: Princípios de Analogias e Metáforas (Principles of Analogies and Metaphors), Grupo de Estudos em Metáforas Analogias na Tecnologia, na Educação e na Ciência, GEMATEC, CEFET-MG.
2010 Co-organiser, translator and e consecutive interpreter of lecture: "Philosophical & Pedagogical Problems with Constructivism", by Michael R. Matthews, at - AMTEC/GEMATEC da CEFET, Minas Gerais
2007 Course lecturer: Fisiologia e Neurofisiologia Para Psicólogos (Physiology and Neurophysiology For Psychologists), FACED, Divinópolis, MG
2002 Course lecturer: Morfologia e Fisiologia Para Psicólogos (Morphology and Neurophysiology For Psychologists), UNIVALE, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais
1998 Course lecturer and organiser: Comportamento: Neurobiologia e Evolução (Behaviour: Neurobiology and Ethology), Faculdade de Psicologia - PUC, Minas Gerais
1998 Lecturer: "Princípios da Etologia Animal" (Principles of Animal Athology), at XII Jornada de Biologia, PUC, Minas Gerais Gerais
1991 Co-organiser of congress "Dyslexie in het Hoger Onderwijs" (Dyslexia at Higher Education) (Univiversiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL)

2010 - present Member of study group on models, metaphors and analogies in technology, education and science, GEMATEC-CEFET, Minas Gerais
2010 - present Member of research group on analogies metaphors and models in technology, education and science, AMTEC-CEFET, Minas Gerais
2004 - present Adaptation validation of Check List of Interpersonal Transactions for the Brazilian population; Team: Luc M. A. Vandenberghe, UCG, Coordinator - Gleiber C. Santos, UNIVALE - Antonius C. F.M. van Hattum
1996 - present Development and adaptation of teaching techniques, materials and philosophies


Nagem, R. L., HATTUM, A. C. F. M. v., Marcelos, M. F., Ferreira E. B. M. (2010) GEMATEC: Study Group of Analogies, Metaphors and Models in Science, Education and Technology (Belo Horizonte, Brazil). International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group, Newsletter, Sydney, September 2010, p. 18-20, 2010. IHPST September Newsletter (PDF)

- COUTO, G., Muniz, M. N., HATTUM, A. C. F. M. Van. Diferenças relacionadas ao gênero observadas nos escores do Cheklist de Relações Interpessoais Revisado. Avaliação Psicológica, São Paulo, v. 7, p. 347-357, 2008.

- COUTO, G. ; VANDENBERGHE, L. M. A. ; HATTUM, A. C. F. M. Van. ; CAMPOS, H. R. . Propriedades Psicométricas do Checklist de Relações Interpessoais - Revisado. Revista Psicologia Argumento, Curitiba, v. 24, n. 47, p. 15-28, 2006.

- Couto, G. ; Hattum, A. C. F. M. van. ; Vandenberghe, L. M. A. ; Benfica, E. . Tradução, análise semântica e adaptação do Check List of Interpersonal Transactions Revisado. Avaliação psicológica, São Paulo, v. 4, n. 1, p. 45-56, 2005.

- Van Haaren, F., Van Hest, A. and Van Hattum, T. (1989) Scopolamine and methylscopolamine differentially affect fixed-consecutive-number performance of male and female Wistar rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 33:361-365.

Languages Dutch, English, Portuguese, German

Software Experience with: LaTeX, Office (MS-, Open-, Liber-), CAT (OmegaT), CorrelDRAW, Inkscape, GIMP, Notepad++, HTML, php, SQL, SPSS, DOS, Windows, Linux and more.

Interests Art, industrial design, photography, cabinetmaking, home and consumer goods repair, architecture, politics, philosophy, environmental issues

Ton van Hattum

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