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Teacher of Dutch and English. Master in Biology (Human Ethology and Neurobiology).


Courses of English and Dutch.

Consultant for international communication in English and Dutch.

Authoring and co-authoring of English and Dutch texts.

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Courses of English and Dutch, other language Services

Focus on adequate communication, in view of capacities e needs of each learner.

Focus on adequate communication, here at EnfoS, means evaluating goals and needs of each learner and shape the course so that each pupil learns to communicate well and continues to improve communication capacities, within the context that is important for that person.

What is difficult differs from person to person. At EnfoS teaching style, method and techniques are adapted to the capacities and needs that each learner presents during the learning process.

For pupils with learning difficulties, the teacher uses everything he knows, can discover and develop, to bring this pupil to the highest performance possible.

Private classes or groups with a maximum of six pupils

Classes can be individual or in groups of up to six pupils. Bigger group sizes are avoided because experience has shown that bigger groups automatically break up into subgroups so the teacher needs to divide time and attention between those subgroups or spend time and energy on keeping everybody involved in one central activity.

Will I ever manage to speak that language?

One of the biggest problems of learning a new language is feeling insecure, being afraid to never be able to speak that language.

"I'll never be able to speak that language."

"I'll never learn that."

To overcome these problems several techniques are used at EnfoS. Learners become confident they can speak English or Dutch and start feeling they are capable of expressing themselves in that language.

Customised Courses
To offer more efficient courses, they are modelled according to the goals, purposes and interests of the pupils and they are constantly adapted to the problems each pupil presents during the course.

Details, Customised Language Courses.
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English Immersion
Details English Immersion course
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Consulting, Authoring, Co-authoring of Texts in English and Dutch.

Needing a text in English or Dutch, the option of writing it together with a specialist right away in that language might be much better than writing it in your own language and having it translated. Thus problems inherent to translating are avoided/minimised and all attention and energy can be focused on how to express what needs to be said / how to express the.. ones ... ideas / put things best in the target language.

The first CD by Commodities, After Sleeping, is an example of a music production where lyrics and pronunciation were improved with English language counselling service by Ton van Hattum. Commodities

About Language Teaching

Which English Should I Learn.

There are several varieties of English. It is a good idea to think about which variety is best to learn.

Full text (in Portuguese).
Teaching Philosophy, Methodology, Flexibility
The best teaching is based on the philosophy that as a teacher , one needs to be in continuous search of what that pupil in front of you wants and needs to learn. One needs to use elements from different methodologies and, if necessary, develop new material and techniques to adapt the teaching to the needs of the learner. Following these principles, Ton van Hattum achieves that his pupils efficiently learn to express themselves adequately in English and Dutch. Watched are not only/just aspects of language use but also, maybe at least as important cultural aspects and the impact of what is being said on the social interaction.

A good teaching philosophy values much more than any method or approach.

Full Text (in Portuguese)
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Communicative Approach Rethought
The communicative approach is based on a very interesting idea. A strong point of the communicative approach is that it focuses on the student's ability to transmit ones ideas in the target language, in this case English and Dutch. Unfortunately, the way it is often interpreted and implanted, in my opinion, doesn't quite have the result one could expect

Full text: The Communicative Approach Rethought.
'Inglês Instrumental' versus 'English for Specific Purposes' (ESP)

Although, in Brazil, courses called 'Inglês Instrumental' are considered equivalent to courses of 'English for Specific Purposes' I prefer to say I offer courses of 'English for Specific Purposes' because there are important differences.

In 'Inglês Instrumental' courses normally a glossary is provided with each text to be studied. Like that, rather than teaching learners to deal with difficulties, difficulties are removed. It is like practising riding a tricycle expecting to get prepared for riding a bicycle. However, the most difficult part, keeping balance on two wheels, is not practised.

Important in a course of English for Specific Purposes is, learning techniques and building capacity to deal with difficult vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, to prepare oneself for future challenges.

Full text. (in Portuguese)

Teaching Material

Reasons for developing teaching material at EnfoS.

To be more appropriate to the teaching style and philosophy of EnfoS and because of dissatisfaction with what is available, several resources have been adapted or newly developed. Among the reasons for developing language education resources at EnfoS are the following:

Examples of developed teaching material.
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Irregular Verbs with phonetic transcription using IPA

Some irregular verbs change pronunciation different than what would be expected from the spelling.

This list of irregular verbs shows these changes with use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (API).

Irregular Verb List with IPA
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Tradução, análise semântica e adaptação do (Translation, semantic analysis and adaptation of)
Check List of Interpersonal Transactions – Revisado


Propriedades Psicométricas do Checklist de Relações Interpessoais – Revisado (Psychometric properties of Check List of Interpersonal Transactions – Revised)


Presentation: Princípios de Analogias e Metáforas (Principles of Analogies and Metaphors)


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Tenho aulas de inglês com Ton há mais de um ano. Seu grande diferencial como professor é entender as necessidades e dificuldades específicas de cada aluno e assim, desenvolver um trabalho individualizado. Com ele aprendo dicas e recursos valorosos, que estão melhorando meu inglês como nunca até agora.

Marisa Campos

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